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    AFOSXSOFA at the Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition 2016

    Desde afos x sofá queremos dar las gracias a todos por la gran acogida que tuvimos en la feria del mueble de Zaragoza.

    En afos x sofá hacemos de la calidad, el diseño y la innovación nuestra manera de trabajar, trabajo que se ha visto reconocido en la feria española del mueble más importante del momento.

    Agradecemos también el interés suscitado por nuestros nuevos modelos que en breve estarán disponibles en nuestra web.

    Gracias a todos.

    AFOSXSOFA at the Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition 2016

    The next edition of the Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition, the fifth one, is coming with excellent design and article news. A compulsory visit you can’t miss.

    According to exhibition estimations – 4 months before its celebration- FMZ.2016 will be, from the 20th to the 23rd of January, the furniture sector appointment, with its main reference in the Aragonese capital as the Spanish Furniture Industry meeting place.

    More information at:http://www.feriazaragoza.es/feriamueble.aspx

    Who we are

    AFOSXSOFA was founded in 2012 by Furniture Sector Experts, with a spirit of tradition respect travelling towards design avant-garde. Craftwork and technology are what define better AFOSXSOFA such as it high-level quality establishment.


    The current headquarter of Picassent in Valencia counts on 5800 m2 where you can find design, construction, production, quality control and logistic areas. We believe that quality is the best answer we can give to our clients. This is why we control every single part of the product creation before leaving our facilities.


    Our goal is the design, manufacture and careful sale of upholstery furniture.

    A work which consists in making people dreaming with a relaxation and quality design.


    You can contact us through the following channels:

    Dirección:Polígon Industrial de Picassent calle 2 parcela 10 Picassent (Valencia)